Save our bus service and save on your bill – Petition to save Coastliner 840

We are really fortunate to have a bus service running through the village, and this is absolutely crucial to keep us connected. The 840 Coastliner runs from Whitby all the way through to Leeds.

As a child growing up rurally, my mum didn’t drive and my dad was often away working, I spent MANY an hour on this bus, visiting friends and even using it as a way to get home from school (I went to Pickering which isn’t serviced with a school bus) Whilst it was quite limited with the timings, it was an absolute lifeline for me, and it continues to be for many people.

The bus stops twice in the village, once down opposite the shops, and also right outside the restaurant, so we see it go by and our sons love to wave at everyone! When we saw that it was once again at risk of being cut, we wanted to try to help raise awareness and get people using the service.

During February and March, Coastliner have a special offer on, which is every single journey only costs ¬£2… meaning you could get all the way from Leeds to Whitby for this price! We have decided to tie our own offer in with this, so if you come for lunch and use the bus as your mode of transport, we will give you 10% off your bill. I have had a look at the timetable, and Monday – Saturday here are some example trips: (Please do check their website before travelling in case of any changes)

Leave Whitby at 11am and arrive in Goathland at 11.28, we open for lunch at midday, so time for a short stroll, and then you can hop back on a bus at 14.18 and be back into Whitby by 14.40. Coming from the other direction, you could leave York at 10.23 and arrive in Goathland by 12.18 (yes I know that’s 2 hours, but remember this journey was voted the most scenic bus route in Britain!) There is then a bus back at 15.28 getting you back to York for 17.26.

All you need to do to benefit from the discount is remember to keep your bus ticket and show us at the time of paying, and this is valid until 31st March 2023.

Other things you can do to help save the bus are:

  • Sign this petition
  • Share this blog post to help raise awareness
  • We will also post this and the petition on our social media channels so you can share from there too.

Terms and conditions:

This saving is valid Wednesday to Saturday, at lunchtime only. Each guest must show a valid bus ticket from that day. Ends 31st March 2023.

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  1. In the summer it is difficult to get a seat quite often.

    But why on earth does it start early at Thornton Dale, and not Whitby. I would love to use the bus to go to York, but it starts too late – by the time I got there I’d have to get a bus back almost immediately as the later buses stop at Thornton Dale.

    In the winter, put on a single decker if there aren’t the passengers, but get in there an analyse the figures. Take into account the school holidays at half term and Easter. There has to be a middle ground that helps and supports both sides.


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