Reasons to love Goathland and the surrounding area

Where to begin on why we love being based in Goathland?

For me, Goathland is home first and foremost… my family moved here when I was 8 years old, so this is where I went to school, explored the moors on bike and foot with friends and family, it’s where I have always returned to in between university or brief stints of living elsewhere, and it’s also where I gave birth to our second child, and I love that his birth certificate says Goathland!

Returning in 2021 with my partner to follow our dream of opening a small restaurant, we have never looked back from making the leap of faith, and looking out over the moors every day we couldn’t have found a more special place to call home – and work! Recently we became a North York Moors “Champion”, which is essentially a group of businesses who are all passionate about the North York Moors, and want to do our best to care for, celebrate, and promote the area. We had a really inspiring first meeting about this earlier in the month, and I have a long list of things I want to plan and also ways to improve our website to share what we know of the area.

We are all different, and all have our own favourite places and things to do, so I am reaching out to you to help bring together all the great things we have on our doorstep! I am working on our ‘Local Area’ page, and plan to list walks, shops, days out, how to use public transport in the area and much more. So tell me (in the comments or drop me an email) what gems shall I include? Please tell me about your wonderful independent businesses, or your favourite picnic spot, or what to do on a rainy day?

Tomorrow is our second fully booked Social Walk with lunch, and I am just planning a few more bits and pieces for the coming months. Never before has community felt so important, so let’s share the love and shout about what we love about the moors!

Cecily x


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  1. Hi just saw on my phone ,about pleasant places to live , and brought back happy memories ,of when I lived in Goathland, I went there with my parents ,when is 4 , and we left when I was 11 years , I have always missed it , abd the life I had there , we lived on the green in the flat above the shop , which my father ran as a grocery store ,went to the local school , which I think was the best education ,happy memories.


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