About Us

Our little family of four

Starting the Homestead was more than just a business for us, the restaurant and holiday cottage are extensions of our home, both physically in the building, and also in the way in which we want people to feel when they come here. Who says fine dining has to be sleek and stuffy?

Our goal was to follow our instincts with the things we both feel passionate about; delicious food created with quality local ingredients, in a space that feels warm and welcoming and connected to the beautiful North York Moors that we look out over.

After both having been involved in the running of separate businesses for over a decade each, we met each other at a point in our lives where we knew what we wanted – to raise our growing family and be present for the children, sharing mealtimes as much as possible, seeing them grow, but also feeding our own needs to be creative and work.

For the last 3 or 4 years Peter often spoke of his dream to open his own restaurant, something small, focusing on the seasons, creating dishes that are both beautiful and delicious, but uncomplicated. When this property came up for sale, in the village where I (Cecily) grew up and have spent most of my life, we knew we had to do whatever it took to grab the opportunity.

We have had such a warm welcome returning to the village, and it’s just amazing to already be able to say we have our ‘regulars’ both eating at the restaurant, and guests rebooking to return to the cottage. When you do something like this it is deeply personal, so you can feel vulnerable opening up and welcoming people in, but we have been humbled by the response.

Over time we have some big plans for developing our kitchen garden, we have started with building raised veg beds, planted an edible hedgerow, and have plans to plant an orchard. We both feel passionately about trying to care for our land, home and business in the most sustainable way possible. Harvesting our first vegetables this summer and being able to put them straight onto the menu gave us a small taste of what we may be able to achieve over the coming years.

The days are so full, with children, and the business, and the garden, and life, but whatever is going on, when I wake up and look out over the moors I know we are absolutely where we are supposed to be.